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Builder and Builders Testimonials testimonial

RealTAG is a great tool for our sales efforts at our Brightwater tract…We get a huge amount of walk in traffic, but up until now there was really was no way to reliably identify good quality sales prospects, "live". With RealTAG in place, our sales staff is identifying high quality potential buyers while they are in the models…I like the ability to track traffic from the field in real time back to the home office…Given the environment that we are in, RealTAG definitely gives us an edge in our sales and  marketing efforts…It really is an amazing solution!” 

- Doug Woodyard
Vice President Sales and Marketing - Hearthside Homes

Agents and Brokers Testimonials testimonial

RealTAG is a great tool to help Agents identify the "real" buyers in today's challenging market. The RealTAG and income estimates are key pieces of information to help identify quality prospects and further the sale."

- Louise Easton
Patrick Loyd & Joe Schulte

RealTAG is one of those simple ideas that turned out beautifully…It’s quick, powerful, and easy to use… I truly believe RealTAG is going to make big splash in regards to getting deals done."

- Robert Milliken
Surterre Properties, Inc. Past President, Newport Beach Association of Realtors

Lenders Testimonials testimonial

To be a successful lender, you need to have the latest tools …In this market, I think RealTAG is a GREAT tool for originating loans. It' simple to use, cost effective, and it helps us identify loans that will close."

- Mark A. Carver
President The Carver Group

I think that RealTAG has everything that a lender needs to succeed in this market... I get equity, AVM value, income, current liens, foreclosure…before I take the app, and before I spend a dime…It helps me work smarter!"

- Chip Cuthbert
Branch Manager Primary Residential Mortgage

RealTAG will change the way you sell
Make more money by qualifying leads
Focus on prospects that CAN CLOSE
Prospect and target new clients
Access to over 141 million properties
Built in "light CRM" with export options

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