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RealTAG™ for Agent and Brokers

Know your prospect gain your edge

Know Your Prospect. Gain Your Edge

As a REALTOR®, you know that having the right combination of marketing and technology is a critical piece of your business. Whether you buy real estate leads, generate referrals via the Internet, or use some other real estate marketing plan, identifying the right buyer or seller is the key.

What you need is a tool that can save you time, money, AND increase your closed transactions, all for a reasonable cost.

Introducing RealTAG™ for Agents and Brokers

With only a prospect's name, address, and zip code RealTAG™ Agent and Broker delivers a complete, easy to understand qualification report on your prospect in real time.  RealTAG™ enables you to quickly and efficiently identify clients (buyers and sellers) that can turn into closed transactions.

RealTAG™ Advantages:

  1. Qualifies prospects for estimated income, equity, foreclosures and more.
  2. Delivers the property value of their current home using a market leading AVM solution.
  3. Identifies high likelihood buyers and sellers with our proprietary scoring models.
  4. Automatically sends a competitive market analysis to the prospect via email
  5. Prospect potential listings with RealTAG’s™ easy to use interface.
  6. Identify which prospective buyer is the most qualified for your client.
  7. Works with any real estate leads source, and includes full reporting.
  8. Quickly identify real estate investment targets
  9. Automatically generates Comp’s report on the neighborhood.
  10. Generates and sends a mortgage lead to your lender partner.
  11. Focus’ your attention on prospects that CAN close.

Add in a robust lead tracking system, (with export capabilities), reporting, and the option to automatically send mortgage leads to your lender partner, and we think you’ll agree that RealTAG gives you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

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Features and Benefits Available in
Available in
Zillow ® etc.
RealTAG™ provides information that is both highly accurate, as well as unavailable elsewhere:  
Verify home ownership Yes No
Identify the homeowner(s) Yes Yes
When did they buy, and how much did they pay? Yes Yes
What is their likelihood to buy / sell Yes Yes
What is their estimated household income? Yes Yes
What is the current value of their home, using a high value AVM solution Yes Yes
What is their equity position? Yes Yes
What loans are against the property? (date & amount) Yes Yes
What is the home’s size, spec’s, tax and school district? Yes Yes
What are the recent sales in the area? Yes Yes
Check for foreclosure on the property Yes Yes
Check surrounding neighborhood for foreclosures Yes Yes
Provide an easy to use “light CRM” to capture prospects Yes Yes

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Sell Smarter, Make More Money for as Little as 35¢

RealTAG™ is the most cost effective tool on the market today.

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RealTAG Real Estate Set Up Fee Monthly Cost Per Agent
Single Agent $50 $35

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