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What is RealTAG™?

RealTAG™ is a new solution that allows Realtors®, Lenders and Builders to identify high value sales targets in real time.

Who can RealTAG™ help?

RealTAG™ was designed to give anyone a quick and easy pre-qualification tool on 141,000,000 properties across the United States:

  • Realtors® - Qualify buyers, prospect for sellers, generate CMA’s automatically
  • Lenders – Qualify borrowers for income, equity, valuation, and foreclosure
  • Builders – Qualify buyers and contingency sales, track marketing effectiveness, gain insight into walk in traffic.

Real Estate Investors – Quickly identify real estate investing opportunities (REO, Foreclosure properties), as well as rental property targets.

Why is RealTAG™ such a valuable sales tool?

RealTAG™ enables sales professionals sell smarter.  Imagine a situation in which you knew in real time what the prospects potential to close a transaction was.  With RealTAG™ we give you that opportunity in an easy to use, and easy to understand format.

  • RealTAG™ qualifies walk-in,  or web traffic (real estate leads), in real time.
  • RealTAG™ works with very little information from the consumer.
  • RealTAG™ uses proprietary scoring models to increase your success.
  • RealTAG™ uses only public data; there are no privacy concerns.
  • RealTAG™ works on over 141 million properties across the U.S.
  • RealTAG™ lets you to track the effectiveness of your real estate marketing.
What data do I get in a RealTAG™ Report?

Enter the prospect’s name and street address into our web interface, (or via the web service from your web site), and a full profile of the prospect is returned in real time.

  • Are they a homeowner?
  • What is their likelihood to buy
  • What is their estimated income?
  • What is the current property value of their home?
  • What is their equity position?
  • Are they in foreclosure? 
  • Is there a Notice of Default on the property?
  • Are there foreclosures in the neighborhood?
  • What is the size, purchase date, tax, and school district?
  • What are the neighborhood comparables!
  • What does their home look like via Satellite photo!
Can’t I get the same data from free services like Zillow ®?

Simply put, no. Zillow®, (along with all of the free services or real estate software) typically provide some type of home valuation solution to consumers. However, there valuation models are usually very low end solutions that rely heavily on consumer input to increase their "accuracy."

RealTAG™ provides information that is both highly accurate, as well as unavailable elsewhere:  

Features and Benefits Available in
Available in
Zillow ® etc.
Verify home ownership Yes No
Identify the homeowner(s) Yes Yes
Estimate annual income Yes Yes
Provide the homeowners likelihood to transact (score) Yes Yes
Uses high value AVM (lending based) solution for property valuation Yes Yes
Estimate equity in the property Yes Yes
Provide lien information (loan amounts / date last mortgage taken) Yes Yes
Check for foreclosure on the property Yes Yes
Check surrounding neighborhood for foreclosures Yes Yes
Provide an easy to use “light CRM” to capture prospects Yes Yes
What is an AVM, and why does RealTAG™ use AVM’s to provide an accurate property valuation?

AVM is short for "Automated Valuation Model".  Appraisers, Wall Street and Lending Institutions all use AVM technology in their analysis of residential property value. 

The RealTAG™ AVM is the product of an automated valuation technology analysis, public record data, and computer decision logic combined to provide a logical calculated estimate of a probable selling price of a residential property. AVM’s generally use a combination of two types of evaluation, the running of a hedonic model and a repeat sales index. The results of each are weighed, analyzed and then reported as a final estimate of value based on a requested reasoning date.

AVMs are increasingly used by mortgage lenders to determine what a property might be worth in order for them to lend against the valuation.

RealTAG™ utilizes a hedonic model that uses property characteristics combined with appraisal logic and price-time indexing to arrive at a property valuation. Pairing the largest online property and ownership database in the nation with superior analytic technology, RealTAG’s™ AVM delivers highly accurate and reliable valuation results.

What is the RealTAG™ score?

Our RealTAG™ scores are proprietary scoring models that predict the likelihood of a consumer to be willing AND able to transact within a short (90 to 180 days) window of time.

All of our score models start with large data sets (1,000,000 lead samples) that are developed using multiple regression analysis to create highly predictive scores.

  • The RealTAG™ scores for Realtors® and Builders predict the likelihood of the consumer to purchase a new home as well as the likelihood that they will be able to sell their current property.
  • The RealTAG™ scores for Lenders, predict the likelihood that a consumer will consummate a loan.

What is the RealTAG™ Income Score?

Our RealTAG™ Income score is a proprietary scoring model that predicts the combined household level income on 141,000,000 properties across the United States. It is based on both public as well as proprietary data sources, but is entirely privacy and credit free.

The score presents the income in a dollar value range: i.e. $100,000 to $125,000

How do the RealTAG™ scores work?

All of our models are statistics based, and use both public data as well as proprietary data sets to predict an outcome.   All of our models use massive amounts of data in their creation, and are unique in the industry.
All of our score models start with large data sets (1,000,000 lead samples) that are developed using multiple regression analysis to create highly predictive scores.

While most people are familiar with credit based scores, (which predict the likelihood of a consumer to pay a debt), our models seek to provide guidance to a sales professional by pointing them towards consumers that are more likely to purchase, refinance, etc.

For further information on our models, please feel free to call us directly at 877-245-3237.

Does RealTAG™ pull credit scores or use credit based data?

NO, nothing within RealTAG™ uses credit or any other potential FCRA issue data.  Further, since our data set uses entirely public record information, we do not require consumer permission to run RealTAG™.  

RealTAG™ is designed to be insightful, yet non-invasive from a consumer privacy standpoint.

Is RealTAG™ a prospecting platform?

There are many uses for RealTAG™ from researching offers, to prospecting new clients, to qualifying existing ones.  Since RealTAG™ requires an address at minimum; many clients find success by using it to prospect. 

For example: If you are a Realtor® and you currently work in a specific neighborhood, you can quickly and easily find which homeowners are good possible targets for listings.

Use RealTAG™ to find:

  • Who owns the property
  • What is their property worth
  • What is their equity position
  • What are the outstanding liens
  • Are they in foreclosure, or is there a Notice of Default
  • Automatically generate a comparative market analysis for the homeowner.
  • What is the property tax value.
  • What are the number of neighborhood foreclosures

With that information at your fingertips, you are better prepared to contact those homeowners that would make quality listing targets.

Can RealTAG™ automatically generate leads to my real estate marketing partners?

YES, you can use RealTAG™ to generate leads to your real estate marketing partners.

RealTAG™ automatically generates leads two types of leads for every inquiry made to the system:

  • Comparative Market Analysis (light CMA).  With an email address, RealTAG™ automatically generates a comparative market analysis that can be sent automatically to the homeowner.  We include 3 comp’s, a current property value, as well as real estate trends in their neighborhoods, all branded with your picture and contact information.
  • Mortgage leads (verified mortgage leads). With every inquiry, RealTAG can be set to send a full data set of the prospect to your choice of lender as a mortgage lead.  Since the prospect is in the initial looking phase, many of our clients use this as a "pre-trigger trigger lead".
  • With In this scenario, you would be able to generate live leads from your web site that would include all of the data included in RealTAG™.
Can I user RealTAG™ on my web site?

Yes, we do have a web service for RealTAG™. In this scenario, you would be able to generate live leads from your web site that would include all of the data included in RealTAG™. Please call us at 877-245-3237 to enquire how to add RealTAG™ to your site.